The Society of the Statistic: Where Does Science Fit?

One of my favorite films is Dead Poets Society. It’s a beautiful story of the fight for the human experience in a system that treats people as a means to an end.  It’s also an honest story. Such a fight isn’t easy (the system, after all, is where much of the power rests), and it…More

AI Research: the Corporate Narrative and the Economic Reality

In his widely-circulated essay, The Bitter Lesson, the computer scientist Rich Sutton argued in favor of AI methods that leverage massive amounts of data and compute power, as opposed to human understanding. If you haven’t read it before, I encourage you to do so (it’s short, well-written, and important, representing a linchpin in the corporate…More

The Death of Mystery is an Illusion

There is an existential worry I’ve had. I don’t think of it often, but it creeps up from time to time and never fully goes away. It appears in many different forms, such as the following: Have we already discovered the fundamentals of science? Is there much less left to discover than has already been…More

Lessons from Reading 10,000 AngelList Applications

One of the first people I interviewed off of AngelList was a man from Lagos. He had created a website that displayed Manchester United scores, and it was beautiful. The layout was clean. The colors were bright. It even had elegant animations when you clicked or hovered. Also, by checking the Github commit log, I…More